Year Piece Director
2011 Twelfth Night or What you will Thomas Peter Goergen
2011 The Love Concil Karin Neuhäuser
2011 Crime Roberto Ciulli
2010 Siren Song Roberto Ciulli
2010 Kaos Simone Thoma
2010 Fassbinder Roberto Ciulli
2009 Dream Story Roberto Ciulli
2008 Plectrum Atila Pessiani
2008 The Death of Silk Roberto Ciulli
2007 Stairs to The Roof Atila Pessiani
2006 The Ship of The Devil Atila Pessiani
2005 Like Blood for Steak Ali Akbar Alizad
2004 Paper Game Hassan Majuni
2003 Waiting for Godot Samira Sinai
2002 The House of Bernarda Alba Narges Hashempour
2002 Nameless Maria Hossein Kiani
2001 The Comedy of a Crime Roberto Ciulli

As Theater Pedagogue

Year Piece
2016 Here and There
2013 A Piece of mine, Supporting
2012 Vorstellung, Supporting
2011 Nightwalk, Supporting

Documentary Films

Year Film Director
2008 Love and Christ Mohammad Moghaddam
2008 Iran in The Daybreak Mohammad Moghaddam
2007 Classrooms Mohammad Moghaddam
2007 Roots Mohammad Moghaddam
2006 Alexander in Central Asia Samira Sinai
2005 Breath of The Shadows Mohammad Moghaddam
2004 Dance with Camera Mohammad Moghaddam